Monday, May 27, 2013

Blog Stalking...I mean, looking for motivation

I have really started searching out blogs written by people who have had WLS (weight loss surgery).  I love reading the stories, and seeing the pictures that they post.  so, to anyone who is brave enough to share your story online - Thank You!  It's so good to see that others have been where I am, and that this "tool" works if you work at it.
For anyone who is not familiar with WLS - there are several options.  I am having the sleeve - it is the third option in the picture I've attached. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's finally happening!

Thank God!!!
 I've finally been approved for WLS!
I'm writing this blog now as a way to record my journey to WLS and my journey to a healthy weight.
My surgery is scheduled for 7/10/13 & I am so excited!
I have chosen to have the vertical sleeve - this is where approximately 80% of my stomach will be removed - leaving a banana-shaped portion behind. 

There are alot of steps to take before surgery - and I'm working on those now.
I met with a dietician, to discuss how the way I eat will change after surgery.  I'm a little nervous about this - mainly because I still have a family to cook for - even though I won't be eating most of what they eat...I'll also have to stop "tasting" as I cook. 
I have so many goals, and I know, with God's help, I can reach them all.  I want to live a healthy and long life - free of illnesses caused by being overweight.  I'm excited to discover what life can be like at a healthy weight.

one of my goals:  to do a head stand like this...I love reading Steph Hendel's facebook posts - she's such an inspiration to me to live a healthy life.