Wednesday, August 7, 2013

4 weeks post-op, the scale and NSV's!

This has been a REALLY long 4 weeks. I am glad to finally be feeling better, and have a little bit of energy. I weighed in this morning and the scale says I've lost 28 lbs total. 1 more pound and I will have lost 10% of my starting body weight - that is the goal my doctor's office gave me for my 6 week follow up visit. I'm so happy to know that I will have surpassed that goal!

I swam Monday and did 10 laps along the length of my aunt & uncle's pool.  I was really proud of myself for doing it- but I was EXHAUSTED when I got home that afternoon.  I was physically weak.
That's something I've noticed post-op.  Now that I'm eating for survival/nutrition - I notice when I need to eat.  I'm finally learning what physical vs. emotional hunger is and I'm also no longer craving sugary sweets!  Praise the Lord!   
Now, onto NSV's (non-scale victories). The most noticeable NSV is that my shoes are loose now. I had read that other folks who have had WLS lost shoe sizes along with pants sizes. I expected it, but not this soon.