Thursday, July 10, 2014

What a difference a year makes! 1 Year Surgi-versary!!!

Wow!  So, I looked at the calendar a few minutes ago and realized that today is my 1 year surgery anniversary!!  
One year ago, today, I made a huge leap of faith and had weightloss surgery.  I have had an amazing year, re-learning how to nourish my body, learning that food is fuel and not comfort, discovering how much I can actually enjoy exercise and learning what my body is capable of.  I began this journey in a size 24W at 194 lbs.  Today I wear a 12-14 (misses, not plus!) and weigh 170lbs.  

I wasn't even this size in high school!  

In addition to seeing the number on the scale and the tape measure go down, I've experienced some things that we in the WLS community consider Non-Scale Victories.  I love to walk places now.  Just this week, while visiting my parents, I decided to run to the store that is 2 streets over....and I walked.  I would have never done that pre-surgery.  I also out-walked my hubby when we visited Savannah in April.  I logged over 6 miles one day - and guess what?  I wasn't tired...I could have kept going if it hadn't started raining (and my sweet hubby hadn't been exhausted!)
I have started taking a Spin class at the gym, and LOVE it!  I am looking forward to discovering more classes and working on toning up the "jiggly bits" that I still have to contend with.

All in all, this has been a wonderful experience.  I am so thankful for all of the support I've been given from my family and friends. I wouldn't have done as well without their help.  I can't wait to make another post once I reach my goal of 155 lbs...stay tuned....

 Check out the difference from last year to now:
pre-surgery, 294 lbs

1 year post-op, 170 lbs