Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No Carb pre-op diet?!?

So, who out there has gone through the whole "pre-op" diet for WLS?  I've read lots of blogs/FB posts, etc. about pre-op diets being liquids only. 
Well, my doc has prescribed a no/low carb diet prior to surgery.
Has anyone else been given this pre-op diet?

Well, I'm working through a "test run" of low carbs and it is HARD!  Carbs are in everything.  Last week I tried eating meats, cheeses and green veggies - way hard and I am not that huge a fan of meat or cheese when I can't have bread or pasta with it.  So, this week I'm trying a no carb protein shake instead - so far I'm not doing so great.  It's not really filling me up.
I have decided that tomorrow I will do a shake every couple of hours - instead of just breakfast and lunch.  We'll see how it goes!

In other news, I've ordered and received a bathing suit that I've decided will be my "goal" swimsuit!  I have a really nice swimsuit that I got last year from Torrid - it's a great, retro-style suit.  It's a size 24.  :(  I went only and found that they still have that suit, so I ordered it in the smallest size Torrid sells...a 12.  So, it's literally HALF the size of my current suit.

I will take a "before" pic in my current suit - and can't wait to be able to take the "after" in the size 12!
Check out the side-by-side below.

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