Wednesday, September 25, 2013

55 lbs and a new perspective on food

As I'm talking with a  friend today about the surgery I had, she asked me "what do you do at events?", "did you get depressed?".  The answer to those questions:  Yes, I did go through a period of depression.  Food is a major part of our lives, whether we are eating healthy or not...especially in the South.  We eat at every occasion - Weddings, Church, Funerals, Birthdays, Just's part of our culture.  My husband and I love to eat!  We love good BBQ and stew, we love good steaks and burgers.  It is still hard to go out with my family, to my favorite places, and only eat two bites.  It was hard today at the faculty meeting at school not to enjoy some of the yummy snacks that were available - I mean good grief!  They had a fall table set with apple pie, sliced apples with caramel sauce and apple cider.  Of course, the old Amanda would have had some of all of it!  The new Amanda had a small cup of cider.  And you know what?!?!  I didn't miss the pie or the caramel sauce. 
I now know when I am hungry, and I know how to make healthy choices.  I also know that every once in a while, it's ok to have a small bite of something yummy and sweet.  I shouldn't deprive myself totally - but I also don't CRAVE those things anymore and I'm so thankful for that!

I consider the few weeks after my surgery as my "detox" period.  That was the hardest part - getting the bad stuff out of my system so I don't crave it anymore.  And a friend who has actually gone through a drug rehab detox program, said that a lot of the things I experienced were very similar to what was experienced by them in rehab.  It was tough, I wouldn't ever want to do it again, so I don't want to put the bad stuff in my body anymore. 

 Lesson learned - I'm not going back!

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  1. It was hard for me in the beginning also, but If I am out with the family or friends there is something on every menu that is ok. Say I take mom out for lunch we share a meal. Try substituting tofu crumbles for the ground beef. I do this when I want a Taco. Explore new recipes. I am so proud of you and your journey.