Sunday, July 28, 2013

Emotions running wild...and 25 lbs gone

Before I left the hospital, the head bariatric nurse came in to check on me.  She gave me lots of useful information about the first few weeks of life with a smaller stomach.  One thing she mentioned, that I didn't pay much attention to, was that my emotions may be all over the place for a while after the surgery.  I hadn't read this anywhere while researching about the gastric I really didn't expect it would be an issue.

I've been having "moments" for the past week, but hadn't actually broken down and cried yet.  Well...yesterday the floodgates opened.  I started crying in the car, on the way to play mini-golf with my hubby and son.  What the heck?!  After my little crying spell I did feel much better....but today I feel really blue.  I honestly feel like I have the "baby blues" all over again.  I hadn't expected this at all, and I'm many people actually go through this and don't say anything about it? 

On a positive note - I've lost 25 lbs since I started this journey.  YAY!


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